We’re Now Taking Reservations For

April 17, 2019 (Wednesday)

We’ll Visit:

Amish Homes - Amish Farms - Amish Shops -
We’ll Have Lunch At Davy Crockett Start Park -
We’ll Tour The Amish Area By Horse Drawn Wagon, And More!

We’re now taking reservations for this most unique day trip.  We’ll travel on our luxury motorcoach with
reclining seats, large picture windows, VCR monitor, PA system, and, an on board rest room for your comfort.  
We will be making a “pick-up” stop in Dickson for those of you who live in that area. You can book your
reservation in confidence, because with our optional Travel Protection Coverage, should you have to cancel
for a covered illness or other covered family emergency, you can get a full refund with no deductibles.  More
about this later - first let’s take a look at all the adventures we’ve planned for you.

Departing from Camden, we’ll spend the morning getting to know each other and share the excitement of this
new day trip. We will arrive in Lawrence County around mid-day and head to the Davy Crockett State Park.  
We have reservations for a delicious lunch at the State Park Restaurant overlooking the scenic 40 acre
Lindsey Lake.  The restaurant features “home style cooking” to set the stage for this day trip enjoying the
simpler life we all use to enjoy.

After lunch it’s Horse and Buggy time.  We’ll take our seat on our horse and wagon & pick up a local guide
who will share her knowledge of the community of it’s people.  (Should the weather be too wet to ride the
buggy, we’ll take our tour on our “warm” motorcoach). The first Amish arrived in the area in the mid 40’s and
their population has grown steadily.  The folks here are mainly farmers but they do work in lumber mills and
furniture making.  It’s estimated that there are over 500 Amish in the area making up over 150 families.  We will
see how they live and make their living “the old fashion way”;  no electricity, no telephones, no tractors, no
cars nor trucks. They rely on 4-legged “horsepower”

We will visit the men and women and their farms and you will have a chance to purchase their homemade
jams and jellies, bread, baskets, candy and even lye soap.


Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation—Services of Professional Guides

Amish Tour On A Horse Drawn Carriage As Outlined

Lunch At Davy Crockett State Park Inn Including Tax & Tip

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