There May Be More Fun On This Day Trip Than The Law Allows -
But, we’re taking reservations anyway & right now for!

Saturday – December 14, 2019

A Day To Finish Up Your Christmas Shopping



We’ll leave Camden midday with an afternoon filled with fun, Christmas music,
Christmas shopping, & good food.

First, we’ll head to Cool Springs Mall To Get A Head Start on all that Christmas shopping we’ve got to do.  
This way, we won’t have any of that driving to and from Nashville in our own car, looking for a place to park,
nor worrying about driving back after dark. We’ll ride in comfort aboard the motorcoach.  You’ll be dropped off
and picked up right at the Mall door (who cares what the weather is like) and there’s plenty of room for all
those packages you want to purchase.

Then, Loosen Your Belt (And your “funny bone”). We’re on our way to see:

The show puts the lighthearted and lovable Smoke on the Mountain family, the Sanders, back in their favorite
place - small town North Carolina’s Mount Pleasant Baptist Church - bidding a sad, but proud, farewell to their
only son. As the nation recovers from the Great Depression and World War II begins, Dennis has become a
Marine and will be shipping out to serve his country. To wish him well and lift the spirits of the faithful
congregation - that would be ‘you’ and the rest of the audience - the Sanders Family is spearheading the
annual Christmas celebration for their beloved church. With the help of their leader, the capable Reverend
Mervin Oglethorpe, who makes ends meet with a part-time pickle plant position, they’ll put on a righteous and
rousing good ole time of a show, complete with inspirational hymns and uplifting Christmas carols.
This Christmas comedy is nuttier than a fruitcake!


●       Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation     
●    The Comedy Christmas Production of “Sanders Family Christmas” With Dinner
          at the Barn Dinner Theater
 •   Plus, Free time to shop at one of Nashville’s Finest Malls   ●

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