We’re Now Taking Reservations For Our Exciting Trip We’re Calling  -

“Christmas Around The World At

Disney World”

And, This Year To Top It Off And Make The Trip Better Than Ever,
We’re Spending A Day At

“Sea World”

Monday-Friday    (December 26-30, 2011)

Celebrate Christmas Around The World, But Leave Your Passport At Home!

Can you just imagine the excitement Christmas morning when your Grandchild, Son, Daughter, Niece,
Nephew, Friend or Spouse opens a small envelope from you saying?

“Merry Christmas!  Now, go get packed.  We’re leaving for Disney World tomorrow morning!”

This will absolutely be the best Christmas present ever.  No one could ever forget this.  And, upon request, we’
ll even furnish a personalized card from you to the person you’re giving the trip to with those very words
shown above.   There’s just no better way to spend the holidays than by being with your family or best friends.


Monday morning will find us traveling on down to Disney World & Sea World for three fun filled days. We’ll
leave Camden from our departure location at the Wal Mart parking lot on Highway 641 and travel on our
deluxe, luxury motor coach with reclining seats, large picture windows and an on-board rest room for your
comfort.   Our first night’s stop will in southern GA where we have a wonderful room and a great meal waiting
for our arrival.  

You may have been to Disney World before, but if you’ve never seen it all decked out for Christmas, you won’t
want to miss this trip.  And, best of all, it’s December - unlike those hot, crowded summer months.  The
weather is “just about right”, as they say.

If you’ve never been, don’t miss this opportunity to take a tour with a good group of folks who had rather sit
back, relax, let someone else do the planning and put up with the headaches of driving and finding a place to
park.  We’ll deliver your luggage to your room, get your hotel rooms and Disney World & Sea World tickets at
group rates, handle the parking fees, PAY FOR THE HIGH PRICE GASOLINE and park the bus just within a
few steps of the entrance gate - unlike private cars that sometimes have to park “out in the South 40”.  All you
do is have fun while we’re at the park on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

“Sea World”

This year we’ve added a fun-filled day at Sea World by special request.  We will arrive at Sea World on
Tuesday just past lunch and stay until the park closes around 9 p.m.  During that time Sea World will be
offering several shows throughout the day including:  Shamu’s Christmas Miracles; One Ocean; Blue Horizon;
Shamu Rocks and up to –5- additional shows for you to pick from.  All shows are included in your admission
tickets.        Plus, we’ve purchased a meal voucher that you can use for your dinner while in the park.
“Disney World”


Do you want to spend some of your time at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot?  Maybe you’d enjoy the Animal
Kingdom or the MGM Studio. Two Days – Four Parks!  You can pick any two of the Disney World parks you
want to visit with your two day Pass, or spend both days in just one park, or two days in one,
one day in another:  it’s your call.

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE EPCOT?  As you stroll thru Epcot, you’ll find yourself in Canada, then England,
France, Morocco, Japan, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, Mexico, and, of course, the good ol’ USA.  In these
areas the people, the buildings, the entertainment, the food, the holiday decorations, and just the flavor of the
area will make you feel like you’ve traveled around the world for Christmas.  Plus, you just won’t believe your
eyes & ears when they start the nightly laser light show set to music.

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE THE MAGIC KINGDOM?  The original park is still as good as ever.  It will still excite
the kids of all ages with all of the shows and rides and the ”parade of parades” held each afternoon.  Maybe
you’ve been here already and this year you want to experience the Animal Kingdom or MGM Studios.  
It’s your call !

When we do finally pull away from Disney late Thursday, the fun is not over yet.  We’ll head back up to
Georgia for a relaxing evening before heading home on Friday.  On the road home Friday, we’ll relax, nap,
play games and watch a movie while we roll down the interstate toward Camden.


It’s true - you could spend a week at Disney World and Sea World and not see it all, but by going with our
group, you’ll learn what not to miss and what to wait and see at another time.  You’ll benefit from listening to
those of us who have gone before you with suggestions on where to eat the best
food at the most reasonable prices.

Deluxe Motor Coach Transportation — Services of Professional Tour Guides
Ticket For “One” Day At Sea World (with dinner included)  
A “Two” Day Ticket To Disney World
Two Dinners & Two Breakfasts, including taxes & tips (Includes Sea World Meal Above)
Five Days/ Four Nights First Class Hotel Accommodations with Baggage Handling

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