Frequently Asked Questions

    Is our vehicle safe at Wal-Mart?
We've has been leaving vehicles, including ours, for about 14 years without any incident.
Camden Wal-Mart is open 24 hours but, if you prefer,
you can always have someone bring you and pick you up.

What time does the trip leave?
The departure time will be announced in the final booklet that
you will receive about a month before the trip.

    Can we bring food and drinks on the bus?
All food is OK, but "plastic top" fountain cokes and coffee CANNOT be brought on the bus.

YOU CAN have bottled colas and water, etc., - anything with a "screw on" lid. Also, if you drink
coffee, we suggest bringing a travel mug to fill when we stop for coffee, etc. This is due to the
fact that "plastic top" drinks spill easily when they overturn.
Ice cream can be brought on the bus but only in a cup. No cones.

    Can we bring a cooler on the bus?
No coolers can be brought on the bus.
The bus will be stopping often so that you can purchase water, etc.

    Are there any formal nights on the trip?
If there should be any formal nights on the trip, travelers will be notified in the final booklet.

    Is there assigned seating?
We do assign seating throughout the tour. That way family and friends can be assured of sitting
together. We will rotate you throughout the trip so everyone gets a chance to sit all over the bus.

Other than that, we cannot honor special requests for seat locations.

    Can I bring a CPAP breathing machine?
Yes, we will store them in a special place in the luggage compartment.
However, you will need to take it to & from your hotel room.

Luggage Restrictions
Carry-on bag- (subject to change,depending on the trip)-
Each person can bring only one carry-on to go in the overhead compartment.
The overhead compartment size is 14 X 12 X 10. If you carry-on will not fit inside those
dimensions, it will not fit in your overhead space.
Do not bring a hard suitcase style carry-on with wheels and pull out handle.
Only use a soft- sided carry-on that will take the shape of the overhead space.

Checked bag- (subject to change,depending on the trip)-
Each person can bring only one checked bag to be stored under the bus.
Maximum  weight limit for checked bag: 40 lbs (Weigh on bathroom scales before the trip)
Hotels may refuse to handle bags over 40 lbs.
Suggestion: Pack light to have room for souvenirs.

Hotel will only deliver your checked bag to your room.
Coffee Break Tours will provide a luggage tag for your checked bag.

What is the typical age group that travels?
Typically our travelers are in their 50's and older.

How many people are on the bus?
Our bus has 56 seats. Typically we have 50 - 54 travelers.

What amenities does the bus have?
Electrical plugs at every seat.
    Free Wi-Fi
    Black leather reclining seats.
    Hardwood floors.
    Restroom for your comfort.
    Individual Climate Control