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And, You’ve Just Got To Go With Us To The Ever Popular

Nashville Fairground’s Christmas Flea Market Extravaganza.

You Can Do All Of Your Christmas Shopping In One Day And At One Location
And Not Have To Drive Or Look For A Place To Park.

If you like garage sales and flea markets,
You’re gonna love this day trip to the:


November 28, 2009 (Saturday)

We’ll leave Camden at 8:00 a.m. with Nashville as our destination today.  We’ll head straight to the
Flea Market for a day of bargains-bargains-bargains!

A full day of more antiques, uniques, and “can’t live withouts” than you’ve ever seen in one place.

Hundreds And Hundreds Of Vendors Inside The Climate Conditioned Fairground Buildings    
·      Many more Vendors outside      ·       Food Vendors, also!

We’ll do the driving!                              We’ll pay for the parking!

And, we’ll drop you off and pick you up at the main gate.  

No walking from the far away parking lots.

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