The following are excerpts from some of the many “thank you” letters we get after each
trip. These are actual letters on file in our office.
Great Trip! Wonderful Weather! Loved the swamp tour and the river boat cruise.
R. & J. Fisher- New Orleans (March 26-28, 2010)

My sister-in-law and I really had a wonderful time on this trip. The hotel was great! We are looking forward
to traveling with you again soon. Thanks for taking good care of us all, Reid & Debbie.
B.Keith- New Orleans (March 5-7, 2010)

The trip was wonderful!
H. & D. Williams- Low Country (November 2009)

Thanks to Reid Bell for being a wonderful guide and an excellent travel planner. Debbie is the most
amazing bus driver ever. The areas we visited were outstanding. Thanks for making the trip so memorable.
J.Jumper- New England & Canadian Fall Foliage (October 3-11, 2009)

All I can say is that this was a wonderful trip. We had beautiful weather, hotels and food. I have been on
serveral trips with Coffee Break Tours and each one gets better.
J & A Bukky (Mackinas Island- September 5-12, 2009)

All trips are well planned and very professionally operated by all concerned. Outstanding values.
J. & P. Marcinik

We had a wonderful time. If it wasn't for Reid's trips we could not stay in such wonderful rooms, they are
great and the food is out of this world and so are Reid and Debbie.
R. & D. Powell- Amtrak Across America (June 2009)

Had a wonderful time. Reid and Debbie are great to travel with. The make every effort to see that you have
a great time.
D.  & W. Dunlap- Southern Charm Tour (August 2009)

Words can not explain the beauty  of the Alaskan trip. Looking out my cabin window and seeing the huge
fin of a diving humpback whale nearby was awesome! Reid, you out did yourself on this trip. Debbie,
thanks for making us feel safe and comfortable with your driving. D'anna, thanks for keeping us all straight
with the planning of the trip. I look forward to another trip with Coffee Break Tours and our extended family.
B. Hardin- Alaskan Cruise (July 2009)

Thank you for a wonderful trip one of the best I had, did not know anyone, but when I left everyone seemed
like family.
G. Phillips

We had a great time and I really enjoyed all the conversations with the other guests. I especially want to
thank Debbie for the extra attention. We had a great guide and just enough time for a very nice getaway trip
on the weekend. Thanks a bunch! Look forward to other trips in the future.
C. Griffith

We have talked with lots of our friends about what a wonderful time we had on the Cape Cod trip. We
would love for them to go on one of your trips.
K & R Shelton

Low Country Tour Review:
This tour had it all...just the right blend of relaxing free time in great
locations, wonderful shows, and excursions with charming local guides that
really brought the unique history of this area to life.  The food is always good
on Reid's tours, but the dining he chose for us in Low Country was exceptionally
fine!  And we got to share all this with some of the nicest people anyone could
ever hope to meet.  Book early.  You don't want to miss this one!
B & C Warren

We had a great time on the New England- Nova Scotia Trip. Reid - you do an excellent job.
Debbie- A Coffee Break Tour vacation would not be the same if you were not behind the wheel.
T. & B. Paschall

We have had a wonderful year traveling with Reid, he's a fun & great guy.
We all love Debbie.
P. Sanders

Enjoyed the Mackinac Island Tour, such a unique place. The Bavarian Village stay was a real treat. I Didn't
know there was such a village in the USA.
J. Anderson

Hello, D'anna
Our Atlanta trip was wonderful. The scenery was "beautiful". I want to meet you,
always enjoy our talks on the phone.
P. Sanders

I really enjoyed our California trip. I relive it everyday as I watch the news.
I especially love Palm Springs and San Francisco.
J. Anderson

Your trips are getting better and better.
C. Bethshears

I tell others about your relaxing personalities and quality trips.
J. Wood

Fabulous, marvelous, wonderful, beautiful & glorious!!!!!  We loved our trip.
B & C Bogard

Thanks for a wonderful trip to Hawaii.
B. Walters

Just a few lines to say what a great time Jimmy and I had on the Alaska trip.  Thank you for all the time you
put into making a great trip.
E. Emerson

I so enjoyed the New Orleans trip.  I never knew it was such a beautiful city.  
J. Anderson

The accommodations were outstanding and the food was wonderful.  You do an amazing job keeping
everything running smoothly.
B. Howard

I have been fortunate to be on three of your trips this year.  You always do a super job taking care of
J. Lee

Our Cape Cod tour was so wonderful, well planned and interesting.  
E. Toms

We always enjoy and appreciate all of the “extras” you do for us.
E. Paschall

Thanks for the wonderful trip to Branson.  Can hardly wait for our Washington, D. C. & New York City tour
with you guys.  
P.  Sullivan

Everything was outstanding especially the food and the lodging….certainly no Motel 6.
P. Downing

Thank you for the travel purse you gave me on my birthday.  Not only the gift but a birthday song by 54
wonderful fellow travelers.  Wow.  
S. Brown

We had a wonderful time going with you on the Alaskan cruise.  We certainly did appreciate your sending
the fruit plates to our rooms.  
J. Smith

I really enjoy bus tours ..  it’s the only way to travel.  
J. Carroll

We always heard your trips are the best.  They certainly are.  
J. Finley

The hospitality and friendliness of everyone, including the bus driver, was superb.
S. Reasons

We would have never stayed at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island if not for you.  
B. Knight

We had a ball.  
W. Madden

You are great host.  Looking forward to more trips with you.  
J. Ary

Thanks for the wonderful time we had at the U. T. game.  You did a good job getting it all together.  
R. Mills

You give a lot of pleasure to our lives.  
L Cannon

The only complaint I have about your trips are that we eat too much good food.  I really did “gain weight” as
you promise on your brochures.  Keep the good food coming.
J. Smithson

You have the best trips going.  Other tour groups I have traveled with do not include as many meals as you
do and your meals are always gourmet.   
B. Hanson

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  
I. Browning

Your planning of this trip was impeccable.  Probably the best way to tell you how much we enjoyed this trip
is to tell you to go ahead and book us for the Yellowstone tour and the New England Fall Foliage tour this
Summer and Fall.  
S. May
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